Welcome everyone!!Tech Rick here just thought i’d let you guys know what’s happening and what you can expect in the next few weeks until its grand launch (CHRISTMAS) That’s right i’ve decided to work on the site doing full updates so by then it’s super new, fresh and ready for YOU!! However don’t think the site would be offline until then, as you notice upon visiting our articles are all the same it is because i’ve loaded a theme to help me finish the site a bit quicker. Think of it as my gift to you!

What to expect from Gamerz Intercom? Limitless Possibilities! Let me explain. I’ve started of my Youtube Channel August 2010 as everyone I used it mainly for watching videos until 2011 I posted my first video on a scumbag hacker that made my Combat Arm gaming experience bad. After that I decided to create a video showing people how to upgrade their Sony Xperia Phones. That video was my charm, it was then I realized how much people enjoyed help from others without paying enormous prices and still be clueless! Gamerz Intercom is the voice to you, reaching out in places people can’t reach. Sometimes things seem to difficult or the content you’re trying to get has to many ads before access. Let me tell you this, the only ads you’d find here is a few educational ones! Direct downloads, Easy access to Tutorials, One click Subscribe. No hassle! And here’s another best part >

CEO: Promise

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That’s right, there’s no charge, no hidden fees, no obligations. We do it for you, Not just the newbie kid teen or adult but the Seniors, Our Veterans! We got you all covered. In the weeks to come you’re going to notice changes on the site. Nothing is final and in beta stages.

GAMerz intercom website build beta 1012.




  • October  –    Style, Categories, Tags, Menus. IN PROGRESS
  • November – Web-Server Content & Social Media Integration.
  • December –  Intercom with Members, Newsletter & Rss

What Content to expect?

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Mac, Windows, Linux, iOs, Android, Blackberry, Pc Hardware, Software, Tutorials  made easy, Android Upgrades, Root, Jailbreak iOs 10.2, Mobile News, Apks, Ipa & Pc Downloads. Walkthroughs on devices. Thoughts, tips and tricks on gadgets, New Tech releases. Updates on leading brands worldwide. Small Project creation, Gaming Tips, DIY’s!



SOURCERicky Jagan - CEO
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